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Are you a physician contemplating your next career move? At Britt Medical Search, we understand the complexities and unique demands of your profession. As expert physician recruiters, we specialize in aligning your skills and aspirations with the ideal opportunities. Our commitment is to provide you with a seamless transition to your next role, ensuring a perfect fit for both you and the healthcare facility.

Navigating career changes in medicine can be daunting. With Britt Medical Search, you'll find a partner who speaks your language and deeply understands the healthcare landscape. Our physician recruiters are well-versed in the intricacies of various specializations, and we work tirelessly to connect you with roles that not only meet your professional goals but also align with your personal values and lifestyle preferences.

Senior APP Recruiter
Erin Coleman

Senior APP Recruiter

Owner and Senior Recruiter
Molly Britt

Owner and Senior Recruiter


Understanding the complexities of medical licensure and work authorizations, we offer specialized assistance for physicians requiring sponsorship. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition, regardless of your current location or circumstances.

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